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Till Death us do Part Murder at the Nineteenth
A Dish Best Served Cold In Development
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Till Death us do Part

It should be the happiest day of Phillip and Priscilla’s life. They are getting married after a whirl-wind courtship and their nearest and dearest have travelled from far and wide to help celebrate the occasion.
Priscilla’s parents, Percy and Agnes Bolsh are in attendance to witness their daughter clawing her way up the social ladder. The best man and bridesmaid appear to hate each other. Phillip’s mother, the mobile phone wielding Bunty Fforbes-Phipps strolls in and out when she feels like it, texting all the way, and just who is that odd looking bloke in the wheelchair and military blazer?
Fabulous fights and dastardly deaths come thick and fast in this zany, theatrical and spectacular show, proving once and for all, that marriage can be murder.....

NB: This show is rehearsed to a high standard and features the use many theatrical techniques such as slow motion sequences, music, and high quality SFX.

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Murder at the Nineteenth

Sandiford Golf Society would like to invite you to their third Captain's Dinner of the year. Hosted in aid of the local Derby and Joan Club (again) there is to be a fabulous charity auction, a few speeches, and a good time had by all. Well, nearly all. Tensions, rivalries and passions are running high and, in amongst the banter lie dark secrets waiting to be revealed. Someone will not make it through to coffee and mints - will it be the cheating Captain Frank Green, the jealous competitor Ivor Fiveiron, his lovely wife, Tonya or their less lovely daughter Porche? Or will it be the handsome and rakish professional Mickey Finn?

All will be revealed in Screaming Blue Murder's golf based comedy murder mystery.

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A Dish Best Served Cold

Marco and Pierre would like to invite you to their Fine Dining Experience.... Former contestants of Masterchef 2004 the two have taken their skills on the road and have put together a menu to tantalise your taste buds and stretch the imagination. However all is not well in the kitchen; a spate of unfortunate food poisonings, jealousies and simmering animosities have lead to a temperature rise in the kitchen.

Who will boil over first? Will it be Pierre Heston-Ramsey-Craddock the illustrious and egotistical former winner of Masterchef? Or Marco his resentful Maitre D? Or maybe Milroy the lugubrious and grubby Commis Chef will blow first. Who knows!

Join our team of deadly caterers, obnoxious diners and dipsy waitresses for a night filled with fun, farce and of course – Murder!

Screaming Blue Murder's latest fast paced comedy murder mystery is now in a pop-up restaurant near you.

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In Development

A brand new programme of events is being developed which will expand the scope of Screaming Blue Murder. More details to follow with the relaunch.

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Scenario Guide:

Scenario Guest Count* Cast Meal Count** Price
Till Death Us Do Part 25 - 250 9 - to match the guests £ tbc
Murder at the Nineteenth 25-55 6 - to match the guests £ tbc
55-150 £ tbc
A Dish Best Served Cold 25-55 5 - Cast eat "off-stage" £ tbc
55-150 £ tbc
* Guest Count is approximate and can also be venue limited.
** Cast Meals are to be provided by the host. Exact details will be confirmed when booking. Catering costs may affect the price.
Prices will be confirmed on booking.

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